On The Radio

Woah oh, oh, oh…  Sorry, brief Donna Summer moment there…

A few posts ago, I was reminiscing about my old Kia Sportage and it’s awesome bumper sticker…  What I didn’t mention is that car car died a horrible and noisy death – and it was captured live on NPR’s Car Talk!  As I was downloading some podcasts, it seems my episode was on re-run, and I got to hear it all over again.

Here’s the story – One night, I was coming home from rehearsal in Duluth, when my car started making this horrible rattling noise.  I slowly drove it home and left it in the garage for a few days while I drove Matt’s mother’s old car for a while, until I had time to get the Kia towed to the shop.  Then I had a thought – wouldn’t this be a great subject for the Click and Clack!  I called into Car Talk and left the details about me and my car – lo and behold, I was picked.

It made for great radio when…  well, you can hear for yourself.  My call begins around the 20:17 mark…

Car Talk – Buona Fortuna

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