Books and Taxidermy

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a book reading and signing by Jenny Lawson (aka @TheBloggess).  If you are not familiar with her blog, please take a few minutes / hours to read one of the most hilarious, honest, slightly profane and entertaining writers I’ve ever met:

Okay, thanks for coming back!  Funny, right?

Well, the signing was held at the Barnes and Noble in Buckhead, and clearly they did not do their research and see that the girl had been filling up bookstores all over the country during her readings and her book “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” is on the New York Times Best Seller List.  Silly bookstore. When I got there, the chairs were full so I decided to go ahead and just get in line for the signing.

Jenny read a particularly hilarious passage from her book about a time when she thought a rapist had broken into her house (hilarious, because it just turned out to be her cat knocking over her purse), which we could sort of hear through the weak sound system.  We knew it was good, though, because everyone was laughing uproariously.  Once the reading was done, the book signing began.  My fellow line dwellers and I patted ourselves on each others backs that we went ahead and started the line so we wouldn’t have to wait.

Well, we waited.  And waited… and waited some more.  Finally, the woman next to me (who I shall now call Helen Reddy – Hear her roar) decided she would find out what was going on.  Turns out that the Barnes and Noble staff had failed to notice the line of about 150 people snaking through the travel section with books clutched in our eager little hands.  This did not sit well with Helen, and she made sure that the entire staff knew about it.  The senior manager quickly shuffled us forward into a new holding area – right in the middle of all the science books about space flight (must… resist…)  Here we sat for about 30 minutes.  Helen was definitely antsy, and again was asking for a manager so she could yell at her.  I was distinctly uncomfortable with how upset she was.  I really didn’t feel the need to complain – partly because of my recent decision to Just Be Nice, and also because she was vocal enough for the lot of us.  Besides, I had Jenny’s book to read while we waited.

Finally, Helen had enough, and she stomped out of the store.  Too bad for her, because that’s when the line started to move, now our line was positioned in the graphic comic book section.  I started to suspect that this was all Barnes & Noble’s evil ploy to get us to impulse buy (spoiler alert – it worked.)

At last the time came to meet Jenny – what a Sweetheart!  She is in that category of celebrity that I know I would be great friends with if I could just somehow hang out with them in a non-stalkery way.  I mean, how fun would a dinner party with Matt and I, Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, Colin Ferguson, Nathan Fillion, and now Jenny Lawson be?  Right?

She was awesome and signed my book and snapped a quick picture with me.  I give her credit, as well, cause I believe she was feeling very under the weather.

Do yourself a favor, subscribe to her blog, follow her on Twitter, and buy her book – you won’t be disappointed!


See, we are already Besties!

See – we are already Besties!  And yes, that’s a taxidermy monkey. If you have to ask, then clearly you haven’t read her blog yet…


It's worth millions now!!

If the inscription seems less than friendly, you have to read the post “And that’s why you should learn to pick your battles” which was my gateway drug into her blog.


Impulse Purchase for Matt

Impulse purchase for Matt…

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